Commission A Portrait

Commission A Portrait

Are you looking for a beautiful and meaningful way to commemorate your family and loved ones? Look no further than commissioning a family and corporate portrait painting from a world renowned portrait painter Mohammad Ali Bhatti. Dr. Bhatti paints life like portraits from photos or life. If you’re thinking about commissioning a Portrait in oil on canvas, contact him today!

Process for Portrait Painting in Oil on Canvas/Linen

  • 1. Initial meeting will be arranged on phone or video call for discussing the size, composition, dress and mood of the portrait.
  • 2. You will send a good quality (high resolution) photos as reference material – preferably natural light. Live sittings are optional.
  • 3. After the reference photo is finalized by the client, a 50% advance is required at this stage and the work begins towards the final painting.
  • 4. Portraits usually take around 6 weeks to complete.
  • 5. Video / photos are sent regularly to ensure we exceed your expectations, you can feedback on any adjustments such as skin / hair color.
  • 6. Super high res photos and video sent of final portrait for you to sign off.
  • 7. At the time of delivery of the finished portrait, the remaining balance is paid by the client by adding the sales Tax to the total cost of the painting.
  • 8. After delivering the finished painting(s), minor adjustments/alterations may be carried out if requested within 7 days of receiving the painting(s).
  • 9. The painting(s) is shipped by courier/or by hand to your home after the painting has dried and varnished.
  • 10. The cost of the frame is not included to the commission price. However, the artist is pleased to assist with framing advice if the client so desires.
  • 11. Shipping and travel expenses for the artist are the responsibility of the client.

Single Portrait Prices

Oil on canvas/linen, unframed

Approx. Size 16” x 20”
Approx. Size 18” x 24”
THREE QUARTER (Down to Knees)
Approx. Size 24” x 36”
Approx. Size 30” x 40”