Artist’s Statement

Artist’s Statement | WESTERN ART

My art is a contemporary odyssey that merges the abstract and Western landscapes, creating a visual narrative that speaks to the convergence of tradition and modernism. Through a fusion of traditional techniques and contemporary expressions, I aim to capture the serenity and grandeur of the western heritage, inviting viewers to lose themselves in its vastness. Through contemporary brushstrokes and mixed media, my art seeks to portray the grace and athleticism of rodeo in a way that transcends the traditional imagery. It's a glimpse into the soul of the sport.

Cowboy tales unfold in a contemporary narrative, where ghost towns share space with bustling metropolises. Saddles and spurs, cattle and canyons – these timeless symbols of the Old West take on new life in my contemporary canvas. Each shape and line carries the weight of cowboy ethos, transforming the familiar into a visual language that transcends the boundaries of representation. Each brushstroke and splatter of color encapsulates the raw energy and movement of riders and bulls. My canvas takes the pulse of the rodeo arena and translates it into a vibrant, contemporary tapestry.

My compositions are a kind of dance between the structured chaos of rodeo events and the unpredictable nature of abstraction. Beyond the dust and chaos, I find the elegance in the dance between rider and horse. It captures the syncopated dance of cowboy and beast, translating the pulse of the arena into visual compositions that resonate with the contemporary viewer. From the explosive bursts of color in the barrel race to the intricate details of a rider's determination, each piece is a celebration of the rodeo experience in living color.