Artistís Statement

Dr. Mo - Biography

Painting for me is like composing a symphony; color, textures, forms, and shapes are my instruments of creativity. In the process of painting, I am drawn to the energy around me and my intuitive responses to variable socio-political situations around me. I started drawing and painting in my early school days; as I grew up, I was privileged to work with some of the most accomplished portrait painters in my region and learned the skills and techniques of portraiture. I have had the privilege of living in Texas for the last few years and been captivated with the cowboy heritage and harbored a deep desire to capture on canvas the beauty of the southwest lifestyle, ranches, and rocky landscapes. I am interested in painting horses, saddles, roping activities, rough barns, woods, and life around the campfire. I pay serious attention to every detail of the story, including heritage, clothing, and the local environment.

As an art history student, I was always fascinated with the mystery and complexity of abstract art; and curious to explore the intellectual interpretation of its ideas and concepts. I started believing that the creative process of an artwork is the real enjoyment of art; and my curiosity to explore unresolved mysteries of cultures and civilizations is the essence of creating art. I approach the canvas with an idea, a concept, or a theme that inspires me to begin with random marks and shapes. My abstract paintings encompass the visual interest with the interplay of small and large shapes, multiple layering of contrasting colors, and/or the appearance and disappearance of abstract elements which float in neutral space. As an abstract painter, my ultimate goal has been to create something visually unique and interesting that can capture the attention of the viewer; and that they may be able to relate to the complexity of the composition while expanding their imagination.