Artistís Statement

Dr. Mo - Biography

Art doesnít necessarily have to be pretty or perfect, but it must evoke emotion. My Contemporary Expressionist paintings are emotional, energetic, and bold. Using acrylic paint, acrylic ink, and oil pastels, I can create vibrant art on canvas by always pushing my artistic boundaries and exploring new techniques. Painting is like writing in a diary where a free flow of thoughts and feelings allow me to work spontaneously. The canvas is approached with a simple idea, concept, or theme inspired by daily life; random marks develop into shapes connected by lines and/or other shapes. Spontaneous brush strokes, contrasting colors, and multiple layers of transparency create a richness of textures which encourage open-mindedness and the power of imagination.

In addition to working in a Contemporary Expressionist style, I am also a painter of portraits and of cultural scenes depicting the American Southwest. Early in my career, I honed the skills and techniques now used to capture on canvas the beauty of wide-open landscapes, livestock, ranch life, rodeo activity, and the Rocky Mountains. My compositions are designed to generate a feeling of excitement and vitality through the characters portrayed. The combination of sensitivity with technical versatility encourages an interesting interaction between design elements. Living in Texas for the past few years has inspired me to commemorate this rich part of Americaís heritage.

Mohammad Ali Bhatti