Artistís Statement

Dr. Mo - Biography

Painting for me is like composing a symphony;color, textures, forms and shapes are my instruments of creativity. I am drawn to the energy around me, intuitive responses to variable sounds, melodies, rhythms, textures and tunes of Indian classical music that I listen to in my studio when I am painting. The process is completely organic and spontaneous; however, I approach the canvas with an idea, concept, or theme inspired by mysticism, socio-political issues or a significant occurrence in life around me. I tend to blend sounds and the seen world in my paintings;heightened by color, shape to communicate the story that I try to tell. My abstract paintings encompasses the visual interest with interplay of small and large shapes, multiple layering of contrasting colors, appearance and disappearance of abstract elements through the floating forms.

I reveal an inseparable connection between the shapes, contrasting colors luring the viewer around the whole painting. Contrastingcolors applied with bold brushcreating multiple forms and vaguely suggested references, ambiguous symbols, and numeral suggest contemporary conflicts and confusion. Complexity of design occurs spontaneous and intuitive in the process of painting; layering andoverlapping of small and large shapes energize aesthetic interplayin my composition.Manifold layers, juxtaposition of exotic forms, and chaotic interplay of absurd shapes, signs, and symbols generate movement and energy in my artwork. My ultimate goal as an artist is to create something unique for the viewer to enjoy the visual interpretation of the form andcontentwhile expanding their imagination.